The mission of the Office of Inspector General is to provide independent oversight that promotes the efficiency, effectiveness, and integrity of foreign assistance programs and operations under USAID OIG’s jurisdiction.


OIG’s vision is to be a leading oversight organization with a motivated and resourceful workforce that:

  • Produces high-quality work that facilitates mission achievement in foreign assistance.
  • Increases accountability and promotes good stewardship of foreign assistance funds.

Core Values

Inclusive Leadership

  • Provide inspiration, guidance, and direction to promote a culture of open communication and transparency, value and respect every member of the OIG team, and foster active engagement throughout the organization to accomplish OIG’s mission.


  • Operate at the highest professional and technical standards and promote workforce development to deliver meaningful work products for OIG stakeholders.


  • Reinforce good stewardship and fiduciary responsibility by maintaining objectivity and impartiality in the execution of our oversight responsibilities.


  • Exchange knowledge and expertise among OIG staff, the organizations we oversee, the oversight community, and our other external stakeholders to find effective solutions to problems.


  • Respect individual views and backgrounds to maintain a collaborative, productive work environment and enhance the quality of our work.