Job Announcement: Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Management, ES-0301-00

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As the Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Management (DAIGM), you will serve as the a management official and advisor to the Assistant Inspector General for Management and senior members of the Inspector General's staff on administrative and management issues.  As DAIGM you will report to the Assistant Inspector General for Management (AIGM) and share with the AIGM the following program areas: Human Capital, Policy, Planning and Special Projects, Information Management, Financial Resources, and General Support Activities. The DAIGM is also responsible for directing and providing services to the OIG which enable the office to carry out its mission, authorities, and responsibilities under the Inspector General Act. 

As Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Management you will:

Advise and assist the AIG/M in setting overall priorities and policy for Management activities and oversee the execution of these activities to ensure goals and objectives are achieved in an effective and timely manner and that customers' expectations are met.

Supervise and oversee the Directors for Human Capital, Information Technology, Budget and Finance, Contracting and Procurement, Learning and Development and Administrative Overseas Operations.

Direct and oversee the formulation, justification, presentation and execution of the OIG budget to include the development of the annual budget submission to the Inspector General and the Office of Management and Budget; and development of the Congressional budget justification.

Participate and or establish strategic goals and priorities for the Office of Management; develop policies and plan for use OIG-wide; and exercise management direction and control to assure and facilitate internal control compliance and reporting.

Direct the management of OIG SES performance management system and the U. S. Office of Personnel Management's certification of the system.

Work with other senior leaders in reporting on the activities and accomplishments of OIG programs and operations in the Semi-Annual Report to Congress.

Coordinate the production of the OIG 5-year strategic plan.

Oversee new and innovative policies, procedures, standards, and guides; and conduct studies to enhance the administrative support program from both an operational and financial perspective.

Support the overall initiatives of OIG through constructive contributions to the efforts of the Inspector General, Deputy Inspector General, and Assistant Inspectors General to support the mission of the OIG as well as improve the quality, timeliness, efficiency, innovation, customer service and employment involvement within the OIG's national and international offices.