Program Analyst, GS-0343-12/13

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As a Program Analyst you will:

  • Incumbent serves as a member of an audit team and participates in the planning, preparation and execution of audits, by planning and conducting studies and analysis of OIG programs to recommend ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operations.
  • Develops methods to isolate and identify conditions affecting mission capability, susceptibility to fraud, and the potential for increased efficiency. Assesses the potential to reduce cost and improve effectiveness and efficiency in a variety of programs, projects, and functions such as agriculture, health, democracy and governance, environmental, and identifying conditions affecting susceptibility to fraud (i.e. assessing the adequacy of internal controls).
  • Plans, develops and/or modifies techniques and methods, conducts analysis, and interprets the results for audit reviews assignments, using a variety of accounting and auditing principles, standards, methods, and techniques to include interviews, statistical and economic analysis, and questionnaires.
  • Develops specific and unique audit/review plans to correspond to operating programs and/or control systems with generalized or nonspecific guidelines.
  • Incumbent analyzes techniques, methods and procedures before and during analysis/reviews, modifying techniques as necessary, ensuring records accurately reflect transactions, and verifying that operations are conducted efficiently and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations; analyzes data and information, interprets results, and completes reports, providing thorough explanations and rationale when a clear linkage does not exist between findings and program requirements or controls. Develops analysis steps necessary to provide the coverage desired within time and resource constrains of the evaluation; participates in entrance, interim, and exit conferences with appropriate management officials during reviews to discuss objectives, approaches, progress, and to sell controversial and critical observations to managers who are often reluctant to agree that corrective action is required, or that recommended changes will improve future operations.
  • Prepares appropriate reports which summarize results and contain recommendations to correct deficiencies disclosed by the investigative/analysis work.