Job Announcement: Student Trainee (Program Support Specialist), GS-0399-05

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As a Student Trainee (Program Support Specialist), you will:

Collaborate with members of the LD Division to monitor and assess training and development needs through individual development plans, various needs assessments, surveys and makes recommendations as necessary.

Recommend process improvements and coordinates improvements with OIG leadership; develop standard operating procedures and provide technical guidance to OIG staff. Track improvements to streamline processes as needed.

Coordinate logistics, scheduling, travel arrangements, and technological aids or other necessary resources required for delivery of in-house and commercially available training.

Establish and maintain effective working partnerships with interagency and private learning institutions. Confirm dates and vendor availability for course delivery.

Collaborate with OIG’s experts to develop, conduct, schedule, monitor, and evaluate new or changing initiatives affecting LD Division activities. Brief the Director of program development and implementation progress, making recommendations for program direction and evolution.

Serve as the primary customer service representative for multiple OIG offices. Engage participants, managers, administrative support, and budget staff to coordinate and monitor the registration and payment process for the approved training. Maintain and use OIG credit card to directly purchase and register training.

Monitor and analyze proposed regulatory and legal training requirements to determine possible impact on existing training activities and provide recommendations to the Director.

Analyze participant data, including feedback, to determine program impacts, identify program successes or areas for improvement, and make recommendations to the Director to maximize program effectiveness for all participants.

Assist the Director in collaborating with officials from their respective components of OIG to ensure that OIG and Government-wide policies and program requirements are accomplished.  Brief management officials as necessary regarding program objectives, actions, milestones, recommendations for improvements.

Coordinate with LD Division team members to develop and administer evaluation programs and policies designed to determine the effectiveness of OIG learning and development activities and initiatives.

Serve as the records custodian for internal LD documents. 

Serve as a contracting officer’s representative as needed for LD services.