Job Announcement: Supervisory Auditor Assistant Director, GS-0511-14

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As an Assistant Director specializing in all the following engagements: (a) financial statement audits, (b) financial related audits, (c) attestation reviews, (d) agreed upon procedures, (e) assessments, and (f) non-audits, and having an expertise in contractor oversight you will:

  • Lead multiple audit engagements for multiple agencies in the same fiscal year.
  • oversee or lead teams with planning and highly technical and complex audits, reviews, surveys, assessments, evaluations, and other projects that promote efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance and that work is done in accordance with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) and USAID OIG policies.
  • Serve as a Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) for multiple contract auditors.
  • Provide day-to-day supervision and direction to division, teams, and staff. As part of those duties provide supervisory review and approval of audit objectives, scope, methodologies, protocols, work plans, findings, analysis, workpapers and evidence, recommendations, and draft and final reports. Also, use audit software and develop and maintain trackers to carry out supervisory audit duties effectively.
  • Oversee or lead teams in obtaining sufficient, appropriate, and reliable evidence through inspection, observation, inquiries, interviews, and confirmation to provide a reasonable basis for an opinion during the audit.
  • Monitor team’s compliance and assignments to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance of audit practices, resources, tools, and audit quality policies. Also, complies with the Continuing Professional Education requirements under GAGAS and maintain an independence with respect to the Agency for all engagements assigned.
  • Lead or participate in the planning, development, and presentation of written memorandums, presentations, reports and oral briefings for senior OIG and Agency leaders on progress of projects, audit findings, and recommendations.
  • Monitor and assess the progress of corrective actions taken by Agency officials regarding recommendation implementation.
  • Assist and perform human resource management functions that include but are not limited to: workforce/succession planning, employee counseling, supporting EEO and affirmative action initiatives, evaluating work performance, proposing awards, resolving complaints, identifying employee training needs, and developing and mentoring employees.