Job Announcement: Supervisory Human Resources Specialist (HR Development), GS-0201-15

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As Director of the Learning and Development Division, you will:

  • Assist OIG managers in carrying out their responsibilities for planning and conducting employee learning and development.
  • Identify best practices, areas of improvement, and opportunities to reduce risks and increase quality of the agency's learning and development program.
  • Provide corporate leadership and serve as an advocate for improving customer responsiveness, agency-wide coordination, and communication of the employee development program.
  • Provide leadership and guidance to OIG supervisors, managers, and senior executive staff in the development, administration, and continuous improvement of OIG's employee learning, training, and supervisory development programs.
  • Collaborate with the HC Director in assessing current and future workforce needs; oversee/manage the training budget; and ensure the efficient and cost-effective development and maintenance of an OIG training delivery system.
  • Provide a range of services that are designed to support the training and development of the OIG staff.
  • Plan, evaluate and administer programs designed to develop OIG employees, supervisors, and senior executives.
  • Conduct training surveys and analyzes information and data to anticipate human resource development and training needs for specific categories of positions that involve well-defined and readily understood duties.
  • Establish goals, objectives and plans for staff supervised; schedule and plan the work to be completed by staff; and determine resources required to accomplish the work.
  • Develop management processes and procedures in the areas of strategic planning and workforce development.