Job Announcement: IT Specialist (Digital Forensics Examiner), GS-2210-14

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The incumbent is a technical expert in digital evidence data acquisition, data protection and digital forensic analysis. The incumbent guides the digital forensics initiative on IT systems security principles, concepts, and methods for the purposes of transforming, modernizing, and enhancing the digital forensics data collection and safeguard capabilities of US Agency for International Development, Office of Inspector General, Investigation Division (USAID/OIG/I).

Duties include but not limited to:

  • Serving as a subject matter expert in digital forensics.
  • Supporting OIG by planning and performing highly complex forensic examinations of digital, electronic, and mobile device data from a variety of sources with the goal of developing forensically sound evidence that is consistent with standards established by USAID OIG, the Department of Justice, CIGIE, and other applicable organizations.
  • Providing expert consultation throughout investigations and prosecutions on matters relating to digital evidence or digital investigative analysis.
  • Employing forensic tools and techniques to support the investigation of complex fraud schemes, cybercrimes, decrypting files and system passwords, detecting and recovering deleted, fragmented, and corrupted data from digital media.
  • Collaborating with other forensic examiners, criminal investigators, and analysts to identify methods and procedures for recovery, preservation, and presentation of digital evidence.
  • Conducting research relating to digital forensics and cybercrime issues and applying industry-accepted principles and practices in retrieving, recovering, and preserving digital evidence.
  • Assisting criminal investigators by providing technical advice concerning electronic media search, seizure and evidence handling and participate in pre-seizure planning to address technical and legal issues associated with executing searches of digital devices.
  • Assisting with transformation efforts for the safeguard of digital forensic evidence and structures and use knowledge of computer science, computer systems architecture and systems software organization to advance the OIG digital forensic program.