IT Project Manager, GS-2210-13

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As the IT Program Manager your duties will be, but not limited to:

  • Responsible for the formulation, development, acquisition, implementation, operational status, and coordination of Information Technology (IT) requirements for customers throughout the Organization.
  • Responsible for managing complex projects as well as implementing and monitoring customer service standards and best practices.
  • Developing and preparing preliminary reports attesting to program effectiveness and monitors project activities to make sure goals and objectives are achieved or achievable.
  • Managing multiple IT projects, which require: reviewing, analyzing, implementing and recommending IT equipment/service requirements for various customers aligned with multiple contracts or projects;
  • Meeting with management, user personnel and others across organizational lines as needed to discuss issues surrounding projects.
  • Coordinating and leading special project teams as needed; independently planning and implementing project tasks, and providing guidance and direction to team members on special IT projects and assignments.
  • Performing enterprise or program management duties as required. Responsible for customer relationship building and problem resolution management.