Front Office

The Front Office serves the Inspector General, Deputy Inspector General, and other senior managers and staff on a wide variety of matters related to operations; legal authorities and requirements; and our relationships with agency leaders, Congress, and the public. The Front Office includes the Counselor to the Inspector General for Global Strategy, Overseas Contingency Operations and External Affairs; General Counsel, Chief of Staff, Quality Assurance and Review Director, and professional and administrative staff.

The Counselor to the Inspector General for Global Strategy, Overseas Contingency Operations, and External Affairs expands our global outreach and strategic planning. The Counselor oversees our involvement with overseas contingency operations and provides strategic direction for our external engagements.

The General Counsel leads the office that provides independent legal counsel to the Inspector General, senior managers, and staff. Through comprehensive legal advice, research, analysis, guidance, and representation, the Office of the General Counsel supports audit, investigative, and management functions. It also responds to Freedom of Information Act requests, updates the Inspector General and staff on recent legal developments, and represents us in Federal and administrative litigation.

The Chief of Staff leads an office that supports the Inspector General and the day-to-day administrative operations of the Front Office, and serves as the primary point of contact for congressional, media, and public inquiries. The office conducts congressional outreach and briefings, prepares responses to congressional requests, and serves as OIG’s liaison with the press, issuing press releases and responding to media and other general inquiries.

The Quality Assurance and Review Director is responsible for monitoring our office’s programs and operations and providing reasonable assurance to leadership that organizational controls are designed suitably and operating effectively for reliable and meaningful oversight.

The Process Improvement Director helps ensure that OIG processes are efficient and effective, meet customer needs, and support organizational objectives.