USAID Office of Inspector General Geographic Coverage

The Office of Inspector General’s mission is to protect and enhance the integrity of U.S. foreign assistance programs and operations administered by USAID, USADF, IAF, and MCC.  The OIG carries out audit and investigative activities in about 100 countries.  To support these activities, OIG has offices in 11 locations:

  • Dakar, Senegal
  • Frankfurt, Germany
    • Cairo, Egypt
    • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Manila, Philippines
  • Pretoria, South Africa
  • San Salvador, El Salvador
    • Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • Washington, D.C.

Geographic Coverage

RIG - Dakar

Abdouleye Gueye, Regional Inspector General
Audit Number:
(Office) +221-33-879-4000 ext. 4041 , (Fax) +221-33-879-4100
Investigation Number:
(Office) +221-33-879-4000 ext. 4475, (Fax) +221-33-879-4100

RIG - Frankfurt

James Charlifue, Regional Inspector General
Audit Number:
Investigation Number:

RIG - Manila

Matthew Rathgeber, Regional Inspector General
Audit Number:
(Office) 011-632-552-9981, (Fax) 011-632-551-7624
Investigation Number:
(Office) 011-632-552-4411, (Fax) 011-632-551-5828

RIG - Pretoria

Sarah Dreyer, Regional Inspector General
Audit Number:
(Office) 27-12-452-2136 ext.136, (Fax) 27-12-346-2221
Investigation Number:
(Office) 011-27-12-452-2128, (Fax) 011-27-12-346-2280

RIG - San Salvador

Jon Chasson, Regional Inspector General
Audit Number:
(Office) 503-228-5457, (Fax) 503-228-5439
Investigation Number:
(Office) 503-2501-3117, (Fax) 503-2228-5459

Country Office Afghanistan

Robert Mason, Country Director
Audit Number:
(Office) 301-490-1042 ext.4662
Investigation Number:
(Office) 0700-108-001

Country Office Pakistan

Van Nguyen, Country Director
Audit Number:
(Office) +9251-208-0000, (Fax) +9251-262-3459
Investigation Number:
(Office) +9251-208-0000, (Fax) +9251-262-3459

Overseas Offices, Date and Time

San Salvador
* Daylight Saving Time