Careers in OIG

Become a Special Agent

Our Special Agents, be they Civil Service Criminal Investigators or Foreign Service Criminal Investigators, have full law enforcement officer authority and employ an array of investigative techniques including interviews, surveillance, electronic monitoring, undercover operations, subpoenas, and the execution of arrest and search warrants. Agents are assigned to either our Headquarters Office in Washington, D.C. or to one of our twelve international offices.

Become an Auditor or Program Analyst

Office of Inspector General auditors and analysts support OIG’s mission by conducting audits of foreign assistance programs, activities, and operations spanning agriculture and food security, democracy and governance, economic growth, education, the environment, global health, and other areas. Audits identify ways to improve programs and operations so the agencies we oversee can be more responsive to the needs of U.S. policymakers, the American public, and people throughout the world. Audits typically examine programs and management systems, financial statements, grant recipients’ and contractors’ financial information, and information technology systems.