Fraud Awareness and Indicators

The Office of Inspector General provides regular fraud awareness briefings to U.S. Government-funded program officials and implementers to deepen their understanding of fraud schemes.

Fraud awareness briefings familiarize attendees with fraud indicators, and warning signs that suggest potential misconduct in agency activities or the performance of a Federal award. Such red flags include:

  • Procurement specifications that are so restrictive they effectively exclude competing firms.
  • Government supplies and equipment that are shipped to non-Government addresses.
  • Contractors or grantees who fail to meet contract terms but are not penalized.
  • Contract or grant documents that are altered, backdated, or modified.

OIG personnel frequently present at implementer forums, both in the U.S. and abroad, to reinforce the importance of disclosing fraud and misconduct in a timely and transparent manner.  Such forums describe OIG legal authorities, expectations for disclosing allegations of fraud and misconduct in a timely and transparent manner, and the need to create a culture where whistleblowers may disclose allegations without fear of reprisal.

For fraud specific to COVID-19 response efforts, see OIG's COVID-19 Fraud Reporting Fact Sheet.