Please use the information below to contact the USAID Office of Inspector General.

Congressional, Media, or General Inquiries
For media or general information inquiries, contact the OIG’s Immediate Office by mail, telephone, or fax.

U.S. Agency for International Development
Attn: Office of Inspector General
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20523

Telephone (202) 712-1150 | Fax (202) 216-3047

Hotline Complaints
Use the OIG Hotline (email, telephone, online, mail) for complaints of fraud, waste, or abuse in our client agencies’ programs and operations, including mismanagement or violations of law, rules, or regulations by employees or program participants.

Freedom of Information Act Request
FOIA requests should be submitted directly to the USAID’s FOIA Office. Please review additional information provided on our FOIA Page.

Technical Comments/Requests
To report a problem, such as a broken link or missing file, please contact the OIG Webmaster.

Social Media