How are complainants protected?

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When submitting a complaint to the OIG, you do not have to identify yourself. All complaints submitted to the Hotline are treated with high sensitivity. When submitting a complaint to the OIG, you have the option to 1) remain anonymous 2) provide information confidentially to OIG personnel 3) Waive confidentiality and agree to be contacted by OIG personnel and others outside OIG.

If you prefer, you may submit your complaint anonymously by mail, phone, or email. However, please note that the lack of contact information prevents a comprehensive review of the complaint and will prevent further communication between you and the OIG. If you wish to enter your complaint anonymously, please take care to withhold any personally identifiable information from your complaint narrative and from any attachments.

Whistleblower Protection: OIG Hotline Operations will provide anyone protected under Federal whistle blower statutes the protections required under law.