Limits in Vetting and Monitoring of National Security Information Pose Risks for USAID Humanitarian Assistance and Stabilization Programs [Classified]


USAID programming plays a critical role in furthering American foreign policy and national security interests. This advisory identifies vulnerabilities in USAID’s humanitarian assistance vetting and points to limitations in USAID’s monitoring of national security information critical to ensuring that aid is not subject to diversion to terrorist entities. Interagency constraints on USAID’s access to national security information, as well as obstacles to obtaining appropriate and timely security clearances, have limited USAID’s monitoring activity in this area and impacted USAID’s ability to fully assess, mitigate, and respond to threats to its humanitarian assistance and stabilization programs. In a classified advisory, we alerted USAID to these vulnerabilities and encouraged the Agency to evaluate its strategy for vetting humanitarian assistance programs and monitoring national security information. For additional information about this product, or how to access it, please refer to the Contact USAID OIG page.