U.S. Government Relaunches Malaria Hotline in Nigeria

Press Release

Abuja, Nigeria—The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Office of Inspector General (OIG) relaunched its “Make a Difference” (MAD) Malaria hotline to make it easier for Nigerians to report stolen and falsified antimalarial drugs. The hotline now has a new local telephone number, operates 24 hours a day, and uses English- speaking operators. The hotline continues to offer rewards between $100 and $10,000 for previously unknown, usable information about theft, counterfeiting, resale, or other abuses of U.S. Government-funded antimalarial commodities.

OIG started the MAD Malaria campaign in 2015 to remind Nigerians of the dangers of using stolen and falsified antimalarial medications or other goods. Malaria is transmitted throughout Nigeria with an estimated 100 million malaria cases and about 300,000 related deaths each year. Nigeria’s National Malaria Strategic Plan reports that malaria is the cause of 30 percent of childhood deaths, 25 percent of deaths in children under 1 year, and 11 percent of maternal deaths in the country.

The prevalence of counterfeit or substandard malaria medicines undermines worldwide attempts to control the disease. Such drugs can be ineffective in  treating  malaria, prolong illness, and increase the risk of severe disease or death. Stolen malaria  medicines may also be transported or stored in poor conditions, leading to decay and making them ineffective in treating patients. OIG’s MAD Malaria hotline helps Nigerians make a difference in their community by fighting these life-threatening abuses.
Any person with specific knowledge of theft or counterfeiting of antimalarial commodities in Nigeria is urged to contact the MAD Malaria hotline immediately.

By telephone, call:
8099937319 toll free from the Etisalat mobile network, or
234-708-060-1872 within Nigeria (normal charges apply) By email, individuals can write to: madmalariahotline@usaid.gov.

Information is treated in confidence and OIG protects the identity of each complainant to the maximum extent provided by law. Reward amounts vary based on the specificity and depth of information, and on the level of cooperation provided to OIG.

Globally, illicit proceeds from the sale of stolen or falsified antimalarial medicine total
more than $60 million a year. OIG investigates allegations of theft, diversion, and resale of U.S. Government-funded antimalarial commodities worldwide, especially throughout Africa, in coordination with local law enforcement entities.

OIG also operates MAD Malaria hotlines in Benin and Malawi that offer monetary rewards for information about the theft and counterfeiting of antimalarial commodities.

Individuals in those countries are urged to report information as follows:

  • In Benin, call 81000100 to be connected via operator to 855-484-1033 (toll free)
  • In Malawi, call 800 00 847 (toll free)
  • By email from any location, madmalariahotline@usaid.gov.

OIG is an independent office within USAID that promotes efficiency, effectiveness, and integrity in U.S. foreign assistance programs. OIG conducts audits and investigations to improve compliance and performance in agency operations and activities and to detect and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.