Inspectors General Coordinated PEPFAR Oversight Plan Fiscal Year 2023

Strategic Plans

The Fiscal Year 2023 Inspectors General Coordinated Oversight Plan for Foreign Assistance To Combat HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria outlines ongoing PEPFAR oversight work initiated in the prior year as well as new work each OIG plans to undertake in fiscal year 2023. It considers the impact COVID-19 has had on PEPFAR oversight efforts and identifies areas where PEPFAR and COVID-19 oversight intersect.
This plan includes a second coordinated proposal for USAID and HHS OIG to examine PEPFAR’s engagement with civil society organizations in annual planning, community-led monitoring, and COVID-19 response. While each OIG will conduct its work independently, their collective oversight of crosscutting issues is intended to provide greater insight and utility for Congress and key stakeholders.