USAID Bureau for Africa’s Approach to Strategic Workforce Management Reflected Agency-Wide Challenges

Report Number

Why We Did This Evaluation

What We Found

  • USAID Bureau for Africa used internal discussions and prior experience to gauge staffing needs when given the opportunity to expand its footprint. Without Agency guidance or tools to conduct a comprehensive staff assessment, Bureau for Africa officials found it difficult to determine whether the bureau had an adequate staffing composition to deliver on its mission.  
  • The Bureau for Africa piloted USAID/Sudan’s staff assessment and facilitated aspects of Agency-wide staff allocation processes. Based on Agency policy, information that underpins these allocation processes was provided by missions but not vetted by the Bureau for Africa, which could put the bureau at risk of using irrelevant and unreliable information.

Why It Matters

  • The bureau- and mission-level observations discussed in this evaluation are symptoms of systemic, Agency-wide workforce planning challenges that USAID must address to fulfill its mission and respond to new priorities.
  • While we do not make new recommendations from this evaluation, we offer this information for the Office of Human Capital and Talent Management’s consideration as they finalize strategic workforce planning guidance and address recommendations from OIG’s May 2022 strategic workforce planning audit.