INVESTIGATIVE SUMMARY: Findings of Improper Locality Pay, Violations of the Telework Policy, and Lack of Candor

Investigative Summary

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Office of Inspector General (OIG) initiated an investigation into a GS-13 USAID employee who falsely reported her residence in Washington, DC to receive a higher locality pay. OIG found that the employee lived in Florida for the duration of her USAID employment but used a Virginia mailing address at an office supply retailer to receive work-related correspondences. As a result, she received DC locality pay.

OIG also found that the employee’s telework agreement required her to report to the USAID office in Washington, DC twice per pay period. Still, the employee’s supervisor allowed her to situationally telework in violation of the agreement.

The supervisor told OIG special agents that she did not know where the employee lived. The evidence, however, showed that the supervisor knew the employee lived in Florida and was using an address in Virginia to receive the higher locality pay.

OIG completed its investigation and provided a report to USAID for action. The employee retired from Federal service before the conclusion of the investigation. Federal criminal charges against the employee and the supervisor were declined.