PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT: Audit of USAID’s Efforts to Prevent Aid for Reparations, Demobilized Combatant Compensation, and Cultivation of Illegal Substances in Colombia


The USAID Office of Inspector General, Latin America and Caribbean Regional Office, is initiating an audit of USAID’s efforts to prevent aid for reparations, demobilized combatant compensation, and cultivation of illegal substances in Colombia. Congress has continued to stand behind Colombia’s implementation of the 2016 Peace Accord and counternarcotics efforts. To support these efforts, USAID has funded various programs that include judicial support, rural alternative development, peacebuilding, and other activities. It is critical for the Agency to ensure that taxpayer funds programmed for these activities are not used for unintended purposes. 

The audit objectives are to determine the extent to which USAID has established and followed processes to ensure that funds are not used for (1) reparations to victims or compensation to demobilized combatants in Colombia as outlined by the 2016 Peace Accord and (2) assistance to agricultural properties in Colombia that currently cultivate illegal substances.