Office of Management

The Office of Management provides our worldwide staff with advice, policy and guidance, and customer support through the following divisions:

  • The Financial Resources Division plans, coordinates, evaluates, and advises senior OIG management on the formulation, development, and execution of Agency- and organization-wide policies, planning and programming guidelines, objectives, and standards relating to the office’s budget to ensure the efficient and effective use of funds.

  • The Human Capital Division provides services that help attract qualified staff and keep them by rewarding exceptional performance and continuous improvement.

  • The Information Management Division provides staff with global access to information technology resources. The division manages network infrastructure and provides information assurance and compliance, application development and web services, and customer and desktop support.

  • The Administrative and Overseas Operations Division is responsible for administering contracts; managing records, space, and facilities; doing security planning; developing policies and procedures; and providing overall administrative support to the Office of Management. The division also provides support services to OIG overseas staff through management officers in our regional hubs and locally-based administrative staff.