Ukraine Oversight

USAID OIG is committed to ensuring comprehensive, independent oversight of USAID’s support of Ukraine and its people in response to Russia’s invasion. Our oversight work, through Audits and Investigations, will identify key areas where USAID programming is at risk or can be improved while holding those who corrupt or abuse these critical programs accountable.

Report Misconduct

We encourage timely and transparent reporting of misconduct affecting the United States’ support to Ukraine and its people.  Please view and share the attached Hotline posters (in English and Ukrainian) listing how, and what, to confidentially report. Allegations of retaliation by contractors or grantees against employees who report misconduct affecting U.S. funding will be thoroughly investigated. 

Identifying Key Risks Affecting Ukraine Assistance

We provided an Advisory Notice to USAID which highlights key lessons from prior oversight work that are relevant to USAID’s developing response in Ukraine. Accompanying the notice is a Fraud Schemes Alert (also available in Ukrainian) which identifies red flags for potential fraud schemes that could compromise USAID's Ukraine response, and identifies mitigation steps that help detect and prevent these schemes.

Collaborative Approach to Oversight 

We have undertaken a collaborative approach with our oversight counterparts, both in the United States and with bilateral and multilateral donors. We partnered with other U.S. oversight bodies, including the Offices of Inspectors General at the Departments of State and Defense to form a joint working group on Ukraine oversight. This working group allows for interagency communication and visibility of each OIG’s ongoing work, allow for necessary deconfliction, and identifies opportunities for oversight coordination between project teams.

Ukraine Products From Oversight Counterparts

We also use our formal information-sharing relationships with United Nations (UN) oversight entities, including the World Food Programme’s Office of Inspector General and the World Health Organization’s Office of Internal Oversight Services, to coordinate on oversight efforts and rapidly respond to allegations of misconduct within USAID’s significant programs implemented through UN organizations.

USAID OIG Products Related to Oversight of USAID’s Ukraine Response

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